Govt seeks to raise Rs 14,000 cr from second tranche of Bharat Bond ETF.

by mehekkaoberoi
  • The government will be launching the second tranche of Bharat Bond ETF, seeking to raise Rs 14,000 crore in July.
  • The two new Bharat Bond ETF series will have maturities of April 2025 and April 2031. The base issue size of the ETF is Rs 3,000 crore, with a green shoe option of Rs 11,000 crore based on market demand.
  • The ETF will invest in constituents of the NIFTY BHARAT Bond Indices, consisting of AAA rated public sector units (PSUs). Bharat Bond Fund-of-Funds (FOF) with similar maturities will also be launched for investors, who do not have demat accounts.
  • Unlike other government ETFs, where investors can invest in equity shares of diverse government PSUs, Bharat Bond ETF allows investors to take exposure to a portfolio of debt papers of government PSUs.
  • The first launch of Bharat Bond ETF had raised over Rs 12,400 crore.
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