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  • The US trade deficit has increased beyond expectations in August to a record $ 73.3bn as businesses boost the list of consumer goods and industrial goods.
  • Trade deficits of goods and services grew from $ 70.3bn in July, an increase of 4.2%, the Department of Trade said on Tuesday. That was much higher than expected by economists at $ 70.5bn.
  • The error decreased for the first time in three months in July. It is also $ 31.7bn larger than before the epidemic.


  • A report on Tuesday by Department of Trade suggests that, monthly trade deficit increased by 4.2% in August  which surpassed the previous month record of June that was $73.2 billion.  Trade deficits represent a gap between what the country exports and what imports.
  • In August, exports increased by 0.5% to $ 213.7 billion, reflecting a resurgence in overseas demand. However, imports, despite the problems with port purchases, had risen sharply by 1.4% to $ 287 billion.
  • The shortage of critical political assets with China rose 10.8% to $ 31.7 billion in August. This year’s shortfall with China in eight months reached $ 218.9 billion, up 13.7% from the same period last year.

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  • Exports increased by $ 1bn from last month to $ 213.7bn, with an increase in exports of natural gas and gold sold by private retailers which partially reduced the decline in exports of cars and parts and public aircraft.
  • Meanwhile imports increased by $ 400m to $ 287bn, driven by consumer goods such as toys and games and pharmaceutical goods, while imports of vehicles and parts were reduced.
  • The US and China and Canada shortages – their major trading partners – have risen. The gap with China increased by $ 3.1bn to $ 28.1bn and in Canada it increased by $ 1.4bn to $ 5.1bn.
  • Economists expect domestic demand to be balanced in the coming months, while foreign needs are expected to move abroad. However, as land growth is hampered by the ongoing disruption of the supply and duplication of vaccines, we expect trade deficits to grow steadily towards the end of the year.
  • The total deficit so far this year has been $ 558.1 billion, up 33.7% higher than last year when the epidemic-related disease outbreak reduces Americans ’desire for foreign goods.
  • Analysts said they expected the rise in inflation to begin to decline as other economies began to recover and buy exports. However, some have warned that global procurement problems could hurt imports and imports in the coming months.
  • The closure of a significant global car industry last month suggests that further declines in exports and imports in August will continue to work, ”said Andrew Hunter, a major U.S. economist. In Capital Economics. The automotive industry has been particularly hard hit by supply problems involving chip chips.
  • Katherine Tai, Biden’s chief trade official, announced on Monday that the United States plans to launch new trade talks with China but will keep the Trump administration taxable as it moves China to fulfil its promises to buy more US goods and services.
  • Biden officials have spent months since taking office reviewing China’s economic relations, the world’s second-largest economy.


  • As the U.S. economy grows at a faster rate than the rest of the world, U.S. demand for imports is slowing the slow increase in exports to U.S. exports.
  • As measured in April – June quarter gross domestic product grew by a strong 6.5%  in global economy. The GDP growth in trade deficits a cut of 0.4 percent points.
  • The shortfall in commodity trade reached $ 93.2 billion in June, a figure reduced by $ 17.4 billion recorded by the US trade union. The United States often has a shortage of services, such as air travel and hotels, but that figure has been hit this year due to the impact of the epidemic on international travel.

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