Aligning A Missile Deal With Destination Manila

by Newscanvass
2 minutes read
  • India and the Philippines signed an “implementation arrangement” for the “arrangement for procurement of defense materials and equipment.”
  • The agreement lays the foundation for the sale of defense systems through the government-to-government route. The Philippines is seeking to purchase BrahMos cruise missiles from India.
  • BrahMos cruise missiles are manufactured by BrahMos Aerospace Limited, a joint venture between India and Russia. 
  • This is the first supersonic cruise missile to be put into service. 
  • BrahMos cruise missiles can reach a speed of Mach 2.8 (almost three times the speed of sound), and its range is at least 290 kilometers (the new version can reach 400 kilometers).
  • The high speed will make it difficult for air defense systems using surface-to-air missiles to intercept BrahMos, while making it easier for BrahMos to target and even neutralize advanced fighter jets.

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