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Indian Web Browser Development Challenge

Indian Web Browser Development Challenge


  • The web browser is an application software to explore www (World Wide Web). It provides an interface between the server and the client and requests to the server for web documents and services.
  • It works as a compiler to render HTML which is used to design a webpage.
  • Whenever we search for anything on the internet, the browser loads a web page written in HTML, including text, links, images, and other items such as stylesheet and JavaScript functions.


  • China has developed several domestic web browsers due to its strict internet regulations and censorship policies. Browsers like UC Browser and QQ Browser are popular in the Chinese market.
  • Russia has introduced the Yandex Browser, developed by the Russian IT company Yandex. It is known for its integration of Yandex search and services.
  • Brazil has its own browser called “Avast Secure Browser,” developed by the Czech company Avast. It offers security features like anti-phishing and anti-tracking tools.

Current News:

  • Recently, the Ministry of Electronics & Information Technology (MeitY) launched the Indian Web Browser Development Challenge (IWBDC), inviting developers to create an Indigenous Indian Web Browser for global use.
  • The IWBDC is an Open Challenge Competition that seeks to inspire and empower technology enthusiasts, innovators, and developers from all corners of the country to create an indigenous web browser.
  • It will have its own trust store with an inbuilt Controller of Certifying Authorities (CCA) India root certificate, cutting-edge functionalities and enhanced security & data privacy protection features.
  • IWBDC is spearheaded by MeitY, CCA and C-DAC Bangalore.
  • The competition is being organised and financed in collaboration with the IT Ministry’s Research and Development division and the National Internet Exchange of India.


  • The proposed browser will focus on accessibility and user-friendliness, ensuring built-in support for individuals with diverse abilities.
  • Moreover, the browser envisions the ability to digitally sign documents using a crypto token, bolstering secure transactions and digital interactions.


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