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How to prepare current affairs?

by mehekkaoberoi

General Knowledge Has been the major pinpoint for students aspiring for any competitive exam as it is vast and difficult to recollect. Especially with so much happening around the world it has become difficult to capsulate so much in such a short span of time which aspirants usually have. The most difficult part of general knowledge is preparing for current affairs because of the following reasons: 

  • There is something happening every moment
  • Distinguishing between what must be known in detail and what can be read out just once
  • Lack of sources to give aspirants in depth information about events happening across the globe.
  • Lack of time to prepare detailed notes on the events
  • And many more such problems encompass the current affairs preparation for the aspirants

How can we help?

Newscanvass has been analysing news with respect to all important events happening around the globe. It has been a tough process of filtering out the content which is most important for the aspirants to know with regards to the current affairs. With the changing time and something happening every moment it is a key to be updated and in detail. We have processed out a strategy to analyse the most important news for the aspirants of any entrance exam, we call it the BLCI frame work…

B – Background

L – Linkages

C – Current Situation

I – Impact

All events analysed by us would give you insights on the happenings across the globe so that you can start activating your thinking buds and reach out to the insights required for clearing these competitive exams.

Why should I as an aspirant subscribe?

Because it will save your time in analysing and finding out the most important events one should not miss out on. Finding out details on each event has never been an easy task and wasting precious amount of your time on compiling notes for current affairs is not the right strategy. The focus must be on understanding the happenings rather than just wasting time on compiling notes. Over and above saving time you also get everything organised at one place and you can go back and revise whenever you feel like revising.

I am preparing for UPSC and IAS both will I have to subscribe for 2 different packs and will my current affairs preparation strategy change as per the exam I am giving?

No, It will not knowing current affairs is not like knowing a subject. Its as simple as knowing an answer to the question 2+2 you either know it or you don’t know it. Current affairs don’t change they remain the same across exams. What changes is the way the question can be asked but that will not change the situation for you if you know the answer and the desired explanation you would be able to handle any current affairs question.