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AILET 2024 Topper: AIR 1 Diya Agrawal Reveals Her Winning Strategy At NewsCanvass

AILET 2024 Topper: AIR 1 Diya Agrawal Reveals Her Winning Strategy At NewsCanvass

AILET 2024 topper list is soon going to be out! With AILET result 2024 already released on the 13th of December, 2023, those who appeared for this law entrance exam are guessing in anticipation about the All India Rank holder 1 – Who is AILET 2024 AIR 1? What was their strategy? What are their top tips to ace AILET? 

If you have these questions too, you’re in luck, as Diya Agrawal, a proud Canvassite AILET topper answers these. 

AILET 2024 Topper, AIR 1 Diya Agrawal’s Journey

Diya Agrawal from Bangalore, a voracious reader since the start, has achieved a near-to-perfect score of 116.25 in the fiercely competitive AILET 2024 exam. Knowing fully well that AILET is a test of accuracy and speed, she devoted herself to a year of preparing for this exam and taking mocks. 

AILET 2024 Topper, AIR 1: What Was Diya’s Winning Strategy?

“NewsCanvass Resources Are Concise, Bulleted, and Easy-to-remember”  

The part of Diya Agrawal’s AILET strategy that stands out is her choice to use multiple sources to prepare for different sections. To begin with, she prepared for current affairs from a number of newspapers and magazines (just like CLAT toppers 2024 did):

  • The Hindu 
  • The Indian Express 
  • The Economic Times 
  • General Knowledge Magazines 
  • NewsCanvass

She primarily referred to The Hindu for her preparation. With a special focus on the editorials of The Hindu, she developed a well-rounded understanding of current affairs. 

Though she admits that she does not have a profound love for economics, she ensured reading The Economic Times to keep herself on top of all the developments. Other than newspapers and magazines, she focused on NewsCanvass resources describing them as concise, bulleted, and easy-to-remember resources. 

AILET 2024 Topper’s Analysis by AIR 1 Diya Agrawal 

“It was a tough paper.” 

Although the basic idea of this exam remains the same every year (questions are divided into three sections – QA, English, and logical reasoning), drastic changes are observed in the way the exam is structured each academic year. As agreed upon by other students, Diya confirmed that the AILET 2024 exam was tough, she found a similarity with AILET 2022 in the way AILET 2024 was structured. She mentioned that this year the Logical Reasoning section was well-spaced with a diverse range of questions. 

Diya Agrawal Reveals Her Pro Tips Ready-to-be-stolen By AILET Aspirants

“Diverse mocks will give you a good hang”

Diya revealed that she did not rely on the test series of a single coaching center since it is likely to keep you in the same pattern of questions. To challenge yourself with different sets, it is important to take varied mock tests, even if it means buying test series from multiple coaching centers. 

Solving Past Years’ Papers is Crucial 

AIR 1 Diya Agrawal took past years’ exams 1 week before the final exam in an attempt to give the last touch to her preparation. She said that despite how different past year exams might come off to aspirants, it is extremely important to take those tests. 

Regularly Prepare For General Knowledge  

Preparing for GK should be a regular endeavour. Even if one cannot answer every question from the GK section, a well-executed strategy for preparing for GK helps a student make an educated guess. She said that if you’re reading for General Knowledge, you’ll know the majority of answers.

These tips straight from AILET 2024 topper Diya Agrawal will set you up for success. If you want to broaden your understanding of other law entrance exams, check out what AIR 2 Pradhyot has to say about his preparation strategy. With the right guidance, relevant resources, and actionable tips, there’s no way you would not get ahead!

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