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Assam Legislative Assembly Building Inauguration

Assam Legislative Assembly Building Inauguration

Om Birla, the speaker of Lok Sabha, inaugurated the newly constructed Assam Legislative Assembly Building in Guwahati on 30th July 2023. The assembly building is constructed on a ten-acre plot.

While speaking during the inauguration, Om Birla lauded the building’s wonderful synthesis of Assamese modernity, heritage, and culture, marking a historic day for the Northeastern states. 

Assam Legislative Assembly Building: An Amalgamation of Modernity and Heritage

Om Birla expressed his admiration for the new Assam Legislative Assembly building, recognizing it as a splendid blend of modernity and heritage. The architectural marvel aptly reflects the rich culture, arts, and crafts of Assam, making it a source of pride for the region.

A Powerhouse for Assam’s Development

The Lok Sabha Speaker asserted that this newly inaugurated building would serve as a powerhouse for collective efforts in Assam’s development. It symbolizes a new chapter in the state’s growth and progress, heralding a bright future for the region.

Paying Tribute to the Leaders

In his address,  Birla acknowledged the significant contributions of former CM Gopinath Bordoloi and other Chief Ministers of the state in the development of Assam. Their dedication and vision played a pivotal role in shaping Assam’s journey towards progress and prosperity.

A Temple of Democracy

The Speaker emphasized that the building of any State Legislative Assembly is not merely a structure but a temple of democracy. It serves as a sacred space where leaders work tirelessly for the welfare and betterment of the public. Within this temple, Assam’s government will continue to work for the greater good, fostering socio-economic development and taking the nation forward.

Coordinated and “Designed” Disruptions Lower the Dignity of the House Proceeding

Om Birla expressed concern over coordinated disruptions that lower the dignity of the proceedings in the House. The ongoing disruptions in Parliament, particularly regarding the Opposition’s demand for Prime Minister Narendra Modi to speak on the Manipur conflict, have paralyzed the functioning of both Houses.  Birla emphasized the importance of debates and discussions on serious issues but stressed the need to avoid disruptions and impasses in legislative assemblies. He urged lawmakers to fulfill the expectations of the people who send them to these assemblies with hope.

Attendees of the Inauguration Ceremony

The grand inauguration ceremony was attended by State Chief Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma and Union Minister Sarbananda Sonowal. The event was graced by the presence of all existing and former Parliamentarians, members of the Assam Legislative Assembly, and other distinguished invitees.

e-Vidhan: A Vision for the Future

The new building boasts modern features, and plans are underway for the implementation of e-Vidhan, which will revolutionize legislative proceedings. Assam will have its first-ever technologically advanced Assembly, signaling the state’s readiness to embrace innovation and efficiency.

A Journey of Revamping

Deputy Speaker of the Assam Legislative Assembly, Numal Momin, shed light on the building’s history and development. The construction was initiated during the Congress regime and was later redesigned to align with the state’s vision. The intensified efforts under the present government culminated in the successful completion of the new building. 

The construction of the new assembly building faced its fair share of challenges and delays, resulting in a revised cost of Rs 351 crore, exceeding the original estimated budget of Rs 234 crore. The project has been supervised by the Assam Public Works Department, with the expertise of chief architect Dullal Mukherjee and architectural firms Simplex Structure and JD Creations, responsible for the exterior and interior design, respectively.

Established in 1937 in the former capital of Shillong, the Assam Legislative Assembly is one of the oldest legislative bodies, second only to Uttar Pradesh, established under the Government of India Act, 1935. Over the past 75 years after Independence, the assembly has played a significant role in formulating transformative laws through discussions and dialogues for the welfare of the people of Assam.

Assam Legislative Assembly

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