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CLAT 2024 Analysis: These Sections Are Game Changers According To AIR 42 Sarah Cherawala

CLAT 2024 Analysis: These Sections Are Game Changers According To AIR 42 Sarah Cherawala

CLAT 2024 analysis is imminent as CLAT 2024 high achievers share their evaluations of the examination. From the student-teacher pair securing ranks II and III to the 17-year-old boy from Bengal bringing pride to his parents, each topper has their unique CLAT 2024 experience.    

Among the top rank holders is Sarah Cherawala, who dedicatedly prepared for 2 years and secured AIR 42. She shared her remarkable journey with Newscanvass and gave us a picture of her CLAT 2024 Analysis.  

CLAT 2024 Analysis: Which Sections Were the Game Changers? 

General Knowledge and Quantitative Aptitude Defined Success 

Sarah shared that General Knowledge and Quantitative Aptitude were the two sections that defined a candidate’s success in the Common Law Entrance Test in 2024. 

GK Section Moderate, But Few Tricky Questions 

Sarah acknowledges that the level of the General Knowledge section was moderate this time, but a few questions could be solved only by the candidates who consistently brushed up on their preparation for this section. Sarah emphasised on preparing for both major and minor GK topics as even one wrong answer can make a world of difference in ranking.

When asked about the sources she heavily relied on, Sarah said that she regularly followed Newscanvass summaries, current affairs, and quizzes for her preparation. She thanked her mother for helping her with the quizzes, and father for taking out time in analysing her performance in the mocks. 

Regular Practice of QA Detrimental  

According to Sarah, the second most important section was Quantitative Aptitude (QA). She mentioned that QA was just as important as GK, and the students who gave due attention to it could have cracked it. She shared her strategy by highlighting that in the last month she devoted 1 hour to practising Quantitative Aptitude and 2 hours to taking mock tests. 

CLAT 2024 Analysis: Could One Have Cleared This Exam With One Month of Prep? 

“Some Students Cleared It With One Month of Preparation”

As mentioned before, Sarah herself prepared for this exam for 2 years. But she did not hesitate from accepting that some students who had been preparing for three years couldn’t clear it, while some with just a month of preparation got through.

She further said that the amount of time you prepare does not matter but it is the mind frame during the time of preparation that makes all the difference.

CLAT 2024 Analysis: Top Tips To Ace CLAT

Sarah has worked with spear-headed grit to clear this exam and she has some tips to offer based on her own experience. 

Daily Readings

Catching-up each day with current affairs is of utmost importance. This should be followed up by weekly and monthly revision to avoid any backlogs.  

Mock Every Day

Attempting one mock each day is crucial to give you a feeler of the exam. Try one mock a day especially in the last month of preparation to feel confident about your preparation. 


Taking quizzes is a fun way to test the knowledge you have accumulated. It will not only be fun to engage yourself in quick but-sized information, but also fun to assess how far you have reached in your preparation. 

Performance Analysis

Analysing your performance in the mocks is equally as important as taking them. Sit with every one of your mock results and look for any mistake patterns being formed. Repurpose your strategy accordingly.

So, these were all the insights from All India Rank 42 Sarah. If you need more tips, check out what AIR 2 Pradhyot had to say about his winning strategy for CLAT.

With CLAT 2024 analysis, a clear idea of which sections to focus on, and pro tips, you’ll be able to prepare a roadmap for your strategy in the academic session 2025. Plan ahead, and set yourself up for success. Keep an eye on this space for useful guides, regular updates, and up-to-date knowledge!

Listen to the full interview of CLAT AIR 42 Sarah Cherawala with NewsCanvass!

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