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Delhi Gears up for G20 Summit

Delhi Gears up for G20 Summit

India is all set to host the 2023 G20 Summit in New Delhi from 9th to 10th September 2023, which also marks the end of its year as the President of Global forum. The summit is scheduled to be conducted in  Bharat Mandapam International Exhibition-Convention Centre (IECC), Pragati Maidan, New Delhi.

What is G20?

The G20, or Group of Twenty, was founded in 1999. It was established in the aftermath of the Asian financial crisis of 1997-1998, which highlighted the need for a more inclusive forum for international economic cooperation. 

The G20 provides a platform for Finance Ministers and Central Bank Governors of the countries from the grouping to discuss global and regional economic and financial issues. In other words, the G20 was founded to promote international economic stability, ensure that the voices of emerging economies are heard on the global stage, and facilitate cooperation among its member countries to address economic challenges and crises. 

Today, the G20 represents a significant forum for discussions on a wide range of global economic and financial issues.

Hosting Global Leaders

Delhi is gearing up to host a significant international event in the second week of September – the G20 Summit. World leaders, including US President Joe Biden, Chinese President Xi Jinping, and Türkiye President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, are expected to converge in the national capital for this vital summit on 9th and 10th September 2023.

There were numerous reports claiming that the Chinese President Xi Jinping may skip the G20 Summit.  However, he is yet to confirm his presence in the G20 Summit, which will take place in Delhi. 

Accommodations in Elite Hotels

As part of the preparations for this monumental event, multiple hotels across Delhi-NCR have been meticulously arranged to accommodate the attendees. Leading hotels such as ITC Maurya, Taj Palace, Shangri-La, The Imperial, Le Meridien, JW Marriott, among others, have reserved rooms for the dignitaries. ITC Maurya has been chosen to house President Biden and his entourage, while it is likely that Chinese President Xi Jinping will stay at Delhi’s Taj Palace.

Robust Medical Support

Ensuring the health and safety of all attendees is a top priority for the organizers. Over 50 ambulances, each staffed with sufficient medical personnel, will be strategically stationed at the G20 Summit’s primary venue, hotels hosting the leaders, and the city’s airport. These ambulances are fully equipped to respond to any medical emergencies that may arise during the summit.

Additionally, preparations have been made at prominent healthcare facilities, including Ram Manohar Lohia Hospital and the All India Institute of Medical Sciences, to provide immediate medical attention if required. A state-of-the-art medical emergency facility, complete with ICU services, has been established within the Bharat Mandapam (G20 Summit venue) premises to address any emergencies. This facility will be staffed by health officers, including specialist doctors and nurses selected from various public hospitals.

Rigorous Security Measures

Security arrangements for the G20 meeting are of paramount importance, with Delhi Police playing a pivotal role. Approximately 50 teams of Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF) guards have been assembled to oversee security for the G20 Summit, involving around 1,000 personnel. To bolster security, nearly 300 bulletproof vehicles are also being prepared.

Disruptions to Transportation

In anticipation of the G20 Summit, road travel to the Indira Gandhi International Airport (IGI) will be disrupted from September 8 to 10. Delhi Police has issued an advisory recommending the use of the metro’s Airport Line for a hassle-free commute during this period. Special arrangements have been made for those who still prefer to travel to the airport by private vehicles.

Public Holidays and Closures

As a measure to ensure smooth conduct of the G20 Summit, the national capital will observe public holidays from September 8 to 10. As a result, banks, financial institutions, and commercial establishments within the New Delhi district will remain closed. Both Delhi government and private offices, along with educational institutions, including schools and colleges, will also be closed during these three days in accordance with Section 16 (3) (i) of The Delhi Shops and Establishments Act, 1954. This comprehensive approach ensures minimal disruptions and optimal conditions for the successful hosting of the G20 Summit in Delhi.

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