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Diwali 2024: Important Dates and Must-Visit Cities to Explore!

Diwali 2024: Important Dates and Must-Visit Cities to Explore!

Have you started planning your OOTD (Outfit Of The Day) for Diwali 2024? Are you deciding on the “guest list” for your Diwali party? Hold on! For unfailing Diwali preparations, you need to know the exact date of not just Diwali, but also Ekadashi, Dwadashi, Trayodashi, Chaturdashi, Amavasya, Pratipada, Pratipada, and more!

Come along as we find out the important Diwali 2024 dates!




28th October 2024


  • Govatsa Dwadashi
  • Vasu Baras
  • Panchang for Govatsa Dwadashi Day

29th October 2024


  • Dhantrayodashi
  • Dhanteras
  • Dhanvantari Trayodashi
  • Yama Deepam

30th October 2024


  • Kali Chaudas
  • Hanuman Puja

31st October 2024


  • Narak Chaturdashi
  • Tamil Deepavali
  • Kali Puja

1st November 2024


  • Lakshmi Puja
  • Diwali
  • Kedar Gauri Vrat
  • Chopda Puja
  • Sharda Puja
  • Diwali Snan
  • Diwali Devpuja

2nd November 2024


  • Govardhan Puja
  • Annakut
  • Bali Pratipada
  • Dyuta Krida 
  • Gujarati New Year

3rd November 2024


  • Bhaiya Dooj
  • Bhau Beej
  • Yama Dwitiya

Diwali 2024: Spreading a Wave of Happiness  

The festival of Diwali is celebrated by the majority of India. Often called Deepavali, Divali, or Dewali, it spreads a wave of joy in the country. It falls on the new moon of the month of Kartik after 20 days of Vijayadashami (also called Dussehra). On this holy day, the deity of affluence and wealth, Maa Lakshmi, is worshipped.

As the legend goes, Lord Rama returned to Ayodhya, (his kingdom), on this day after 14 years of vanvaas (exile). The people in Ayodhya celebrated his homecoming by lighting Diyas and making rangolis (colorful patterns). This happened on Amavasya, which is why Diwali is celebrated on Amavasya to commemorate it (to know the significance of Shravana Amavasya, click on the linked article). 

Elevating spirits

Diwali is a great time to bond with your family and friends. It’s a great opportunity to express your affection for your closed ones with gifts, chocolates, and loads of gujias. Not only does Diwali give you time to take a break from work, but it also helps you break out of your cocoon and meet your near and dear ones. 

Secondly, the lights emitted from lamps and diyas dispel the darkness around you, both metaphorically and literally. The lights of Diwali are supposed to cleanse your spirits and help you take on new beginnings. This is also the time when people make important purchases, like buying a home or a car. 


So how do you plan to celebrate Diwali this time? At home? Or at a destination?

Diwali 2024: Pick Your Destination For Celebrating 

If you want to celebrate Diwali at a distant location this time, you need to check out these top options.

1. Varanasi: The holy city of Varanasi is the top destination to celebrate Diwali. The famous Ganga Aarti and thousands of lit lamps will take you to another level of peace and spiritual ecstasy.

The Lord themselves is said to descend to the Ganga on this day. Besides, if you love fireworks, you must book your hotel at the riverside to have an amazing view in the evening. And if you plan on an extended trip, then it would be a good idea to witness Dev Diwali which is celebrated in Varanasi after 15 days of Diwali.

2. Kolkata: Next on the list is Kolkata. Diwali is celebrated as Kali Puja in West Bengal. So if you are going there, you can plan a trip filled with temple hopping as Diwali is celebrated with grandeur at prominent Kali temples like Dakshineswar, Belur Math, and Kalighat. You can backpack to the city of Kolkata for a unique Diwali 2024 experience.

3. Delhi: Another great option is the national capital Delhi which becomes all the more hustling-bustling during the time of Diwali. Starting from Diwali Bazaar at Delhi Haat to the range of Sweets from Chandni Chowk, you’ll find the most fun things to do during Diwali here! 

4. Jaipur: Jaipur is one of the few cities that organizes competitions to beautify the streets during Diwali. If you finalize Jaipur for your Diwali trip, you must visit Johari Bazar (Jewelry Market), the most lit street shopping area. It is also called the “Las Vegas Strip” during Diwali. The pink city of India is a great option to soak yourself in the lights and positivity of Diwali! 

Diwali 2024 is set for you with complete information on the important dates, and a list of cities to visit. So, call up your family and friends and rope them in your Diwali plans. Keep checking out NewsCanvass for more useful guides!

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