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77th Independence Day Celebration at Red Fort

77th Independence Day Celebration at Red Fort

On 15th August 2023, India celebrates its 77th Independence Day. Prime Minister (PM) Narendra Modi hoisted the Indian flag as part of the Independence Day celebration in Red Fort, Delhi. Moreover, the PM inspected the Guard of Honour during the Independence Day celebration in Red Fort. 

Nearly 1800 people from diverse professions attended the celebration along with their spouses as “Special Guests” as the Indian government extended invitations to them.  

After hoisting the flag, the PM addressed the nation from the Red Fort. The highlights from the speech are as follows:

Setting the Stage for the Next General Election

In his Independence Day address, Prime Minister Narendra Modi laid the foundation for India’s forthcoming general election by outlining a vision of unprecedented development in the next five years. He also appealed for the cooperation of citizens in eliminating corruption, nepotism, and appeasement politics from the nation’s fabric.

A Promising Path Towards Development

Prime Minister Modi, standing at the historic Red Fort, declared that the upcoming five years would witness unparalleled development, marking a golden era in India’s journey toward becoming a developed nation by 2047. He assured the nation that he would once again present the country’s achievements from the Red Fort the following year.

The Battle Against Corruption and Nepotism

Addressing the vital issues that plague India’s progress, the Prime Minister identified corruption, nepotism, and appeasement politics as major stumbling blocks. He highlighted the stringent measures his government has undertaken to combat corruption. Notably, assets frozen belonging to corrupt individuals have surged by twentyfold.

Condemning Dynastic Politics and Appeasement

Although the Prime Minister refrained from naming specific opposition parties, he critiqued family-centric politics. He portrayed them as parties advocating the mantra “of the family, by the family, and for the family.” This indirect criticism targeted parties often accused of being driven by dynastic succession.

Solidarity with Manipur

Prime Minister Modi opened his speech by expressing the nation’s support for Manipur during its times of turmoil. He encouraged the people of the state to maintain peace and assured them that both central and state governments were dedicated to resolving the issues at hand.

India’s Role in Shaping the Global Landscape

Asserting India’s growing global influence, the Prime Minister stated that the post-Covid era was redefining the global order, with India playing a significant role. He emphasized that the pandemic had underscored the necessity of compassion for humanity while shaping the new world order.

Empowering the Urban Poor

The Prime Minister announced a significant relief measure for the urban poor living in slums and unauthorized colonies. He revealed plans for a rebate on home loans aimed at uplifting these marginalized urban communities.

Youth Empowerment and Opportunities

Exuding faith in India’s youth, Prime Minister Modi assured them of abundant opportunities. Recognizing India’s position among the top three startup ecosystems worldwide, he promised the youth that they would have access to more opportunities than they could imagine.

Continued Fight Against Corruption, Nepotism, and Appeasement

The Prime Minister reiterated his commitment to combating corruption, nepotism, and appeasement. He disclosed that the attachment of assets belonging to corrupt individuals had surged twentyfold, underscoring the government’s dedication to this fight.

Tackling Inflation and Ensuring Price Control

Addressing economic concerns, Prime Minister Modi pledged to intensify efforts to control inflation. He acknowledged the challenge of importing inflation but affirmed the government’s ongoing efforts to maintain price stability.

Empowering Women in Technology

Prime Minister Modi announced a transformative initiative to train members of 15,000 women’s self-help groups in drone operation and agri-tech. This initiative aims to empower women in rural areas, integrating technology into agricultural practices.

Meet you on Next Independence Day from the Same Red Fort

The 2023 Independence Day Speech is the last Independence Day speech by Modi as a PM before the 2024 General Election. He said that next year on August 15, he will outline the nation’s progress and celebrate citizens’ strength, determination, and accomplishments from the Red Fort.

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