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Mission karmayogi: It’s Features, Benefits and Challenges

Mission karmayogi: It’s Features, Benefits and Challenges

What is Mission Karmayogi?

Prime Minister Modi has launched the Mission Karmayogi Yojana 2022. The fundamental goal of this plan is to make government employees and officials more effective. Mission Karmayogi Yojana 2022 was authorised at the cabinet meeting on September 2, 2020 (NPCSCB). Through this programme, public servants will receive online training. In order for the officers’ ability to reason to be flexible and open-minded and for the public to have easy access to services. This programme promotes skill development. This will be carried out entirely under the cabinet’s oversight. The Chief Minister and the HR Council will also take part.

Under this programme, over 46 lakh government employees would be protected. And the programme would help police strengthen their skills. Additionally, they might make considerably more of a difference in social work. As a result, officers’ on-the-job training will get special emphasis. The cops will receive computers for this purpose. To provide the staff with training, top officials from various departments will be invited. The Mission Karmayogi Yojana 2022 will boost the working capability of government personnel. Newly chosen civil officials and other government employees may at any moment take advantage of the plan’s advantages.

Benefits & Characteristics of the Mission Karmayogi Scheme

  • For new officers joining the civil service, there is a programme called the Civil Services Capacity Development Programme (NPCSCB).
  • Government personnel and officials will receive training as part of this programme to help them carry out their duties effectively.
  • On-the-side training will receive increased priority under the Mission Karmayogi programme.
  • The Karmayogi programme will cover almost 46 lakh employees.
  • The scheme’s budget has been set at Rs. 510.86 crore.
  • The plan will operate transparently, and work will go more swiftly so that regular people’s tasks may be completed fast.
  • Under the plan, there will be two routes: automated and guided.
  • The programme will continue from 2020–2021 through 2024–2025 for 5 years. Which costs have already been determined.
  • Prime Minister Narendra Modi will run the programme. All of the Chief Ministers will also participate along with this.
  • To enhance the off-site learning process to enhance the on-site learning process.
  • Under the plan, a private special project vehicle firm was established. which Karmayogi’s Platform will be offered and which iGOT will possess.
  • The officers’ task will be done with greater elegance.
  • All officers or workers who join the civil service will see a rise in their competency, including their ability to be creative, progressive, and inventive.

Mission Karmayogi Civil Services have undergone changes

All public service personnel and officials are eligible to sign up for Apna Yojana training at any time. Upon signing up, you will receive a laptop and mobile device for online training. Additionally, trainers from several agencies will be participating in the training of civil service employees.

While enhancing the idea of off-site learning, it will also place a strong emphasis on on-site learning systems. A proprietary special purpose vehicle company will be established as part of the Mission Karmayogi plan, in accordance with section 8 of the 2013 Companies Act. The iGOT Karmayogi Platform will be owned and operated by a non-profit company.

Challenges of Mission Karmayogi

  • The economist John Maynard Keynes famously stated, “The difficulty lies, not in the new ideas, but in escaping from the old ones.”
  • The bureaucracy has a propensity to fight change that threatens their way of doing things.
  • The bureaucracy must also comprehend the value of developing domain expertise and the necessity of switching from a generalist to a specialised approach.
  • Today’s world is becoming more technological with each passing day, and it is crucial that the person in charge also has the necessary knowledge and expertise in that field.
  • As a result, there should be a behavioural shift inside the bureaucracy as well, and they must accept the change as a need rather than an assault on their current way of doing things.

Gains from Mission Karmayogi

  • Rule Based to Role Based: The programme will aid in the transition from rule-based to role-based HR management so that work may be allocated by matching an official’s skills to the demands of the position.
  • Domain Training: In addition to teaching domain knowledge, the programme will emphasise functional and behavioural skills.
  • In their self-directed and required learning routes, it will give public employees the chance to consistently build and enhance their Behavioural, Functional, and Domain Competencies.
  • Uniform Training Standard: It would standardise training requirements nationwide to ensure that everyone is aware of India’s aspirations and development objectives.

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