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Winter Session Turmoil: Security Breach Sparks Parliamentary Chaos; Police Investigations in 6 States

Winter Session Turmoil: Security Breach Sparks Parliamentary Chaos; Police Investigations in 6 States

The Winter Session of Parliament faced disruption and adjournment as Opposition MPs protested their suspension and demanded a discussion on the recent security breach that occurred on December 13. The incident involved two individuals who breached security, leading to concerns and calls for accountability. 

Lok Sabha Speaker Om Birla addressed MPs, emphasizing the unfortunate connection some members made between their suspension and the security breach. Meanwhile, the key accused, Lalit Mohan Jha, was arrested, and terrorism charges were filed against four individuals, leading to the suspension of eight Delhi Police personnel. The Winter Session, running from December 4 to December 22, is witnessing intense debates over the security breach.

MPs Submit Notices for Discussion

Today, several MPs, including Manish Tewari, Ranjeet Ranjan, and Gaurav Gogoi, submitted notices for discussions on the Parliament security breach. Tewari gave an Adjournment Motion notice in Lok Sabha, while Ranjan presented a Suspension of Business Notice in Rajya Sabha, demanding a discussion. Gogoi’s notice pertains to the efforts to restore normalcy and safeguard the citizens of Manipur. This reflects a collective effort by MPs to seek clarity and accountability on the security breach.

Members of the INDIA party submitted more than 20 notices for Suspension of Business in Rajya Sabha to discuss the Parliament security breach. This indicates a broader concern across party lines and the urgency to address the issue within the parliamentary forum.

‘Parliament security breach serious issue, we need clarification’: Congress MP KC Venugopal

Congress MP KC Venugopal expressed dissatisfaction with the Prime Minister’s reluctance to discuss the security breach in Parliament. While acknowledging the seriousness of the issue, Venugopal emphasized the opposition’s demand for clarification from the government. He questioned the government’s handling of the situation and accused them of not providing adequate clarification.

PM Modi should speak in Parliament on security breach issue: Adhir Chowdhury

Congress MP Adhir Ranjan Chowdhury emphasized that PM Narendra Modi should speak about the security breach in the Parliament and he also criticized Prime Minister Narendra Modi for taking four days to address the Parliament security breach. 

He argued that the delayed response raised concerns and insisted that the PM should have assured the public immediately. Chowdhury suggested that Modi’s eventual statement was a result of pressure from opposition parties and the public.

Delhi Police Investigates Across Six States

The Delhi Police special cell has formed teams are actively investigating the accused in connection with 13th December 2023 Parliament security breach incident. Presently the police special teams are investigating the accused in six states including Rajasthan, Haryana, Karnataka, Uttar Pradesh, West Bengal, and Maharashtra.
These teams are scrutinizing digital and bank details and backgrounds of the accused individuals. Notably, the police have formed 50 separate teams to ensure a comprehensive inquiry into the incident.

Special Cell Teams Handling Accused Individuals

Different units of the Special Cell are handling the accused individuals. Sagar Sharma is under investigation by the Saket, Southern Range team, while Lalit Jha is with the Janakpuri, South Western Range team. Manoranjan D is under the New Delhi Range (NDR), Lodhi Road team, and Neelam Devi’s investigation is managed by the New Friends Colony (NFC) Special Cell team, also known as the Counter-intelligence Unit of the Special Cell. The thorough investigation involves questioning the accused and examining their mobile phones.

Way Forward

The security breach in Parliament has triggered intense debates, demands for accountability, and calls for a thorough investigation. The Winter Session, which was expected to address crucial legislative matters, is now overshadowed by concerns about the security of the parliamentary complex.

The demand for the Prime Minister to address Parliament directly on the issue reflects the gravity of the situation and the need for transparent communication.

As investigations continue, MPs are actively seeking discussions and clarifications to ensure the incident is thoroughly examined and preventive measures are put in place.

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