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Human Development Report 2023-24

Human Development Report 2023-24


  • The 2023-24 Human Development Report (HDR), titled ‘Breaking the Gridlock: Reimagining Cooperation in a Polarised World,’ is a comprehensive assessment of global human development trends.

  • India’s ranking at 134 on the Human Development Index (HDI) is highlighted, juxtaposed with Switzerland securing the top position.

  • Published by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), the HDR provides critical insights into key indicators reflecting human development worldwide.


  • Performance of India’s Neighbors: India’s ranking in the HDI relative to its neighbouring countries showcases variations in human development within the region.

    • Sri Lanka and China rank higher than India, categorized under the High Human Development category.

    • Bhutan and Bangladesh rank lower than India but are also in the Medium Human Development category.

    • Nepal and Pakistan have been ranked even lower than India, indicating diverse development trajectories within South Asia.

Current News:

  • Key Highlights of the Report: The HDR presents significant insights into global human development, including:

    • Performer: Leading countries like Switzerland, Norway, and Iceland, contrasted with laggards such as Somalia and South Sudan.

    • Unprecedented Growth Disparity: Disparities in development, with richer nations advancing while poorer countries struggle, exacerbated by the COVID-19 crisis.

    • Democracy Paradox: The coexistence of support for democracy with endorsements of leaders undermining democratic principles, contributing to political polarization.

    • Global Inequalities: Economic concentration and disparities in trade contribute to widening global inequalities, with profound implications for human development.


  • The insights from the HDR carry significant implications for global policymakers, stakeholders, and development practitioners:

    • Policy Implications: Understanding the dynamics of human development disparities can inform targeted policies aimed at addressing inequality and fostering inclusive growth.

    • Regional Dynamics: Comparing India’s performance with its neighbours underscores the importance of regional cooperation and knowledge-sharing in advancing human development.

    • Socio-Economic Development: Assessing India’s progress in key indicators like education, healthcare, and income levels provides valuable insights into the country’s development trajectory and areas for improvement.

    • International Collaboration: The HDR serves as a catalyst for international cooperation to address common challenges and achieve shared development goals, emphasizing the interconnectedness of global development efforts.

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