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Weather today in Kullu

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Weather Forecasting

  1. Weather forecasting is the use of science and technology to forecast atmospheric conditions for a certain place and period.
  2.  People have tried to forecast the weather informally for many years
  3. But weather forecasting began officially since the nineteenth century.
  4. Weather forecasting is now done using computer-based models that account for a variety ofatmospheric variables.
  5. Previously, it used to be done by hand and was focused mostly on variations in barometricpressure, existing weather patterns, and sky state or cloud cover,

Importance of Weather Forecasting

  1.  There are various uses of weather forecasting in day-to-day life,
  2. The weather forecast is often the most important factor in deciding what to wear.
  3.  The weather also has an impact on outdoor activities.
  4. Temperature is an important factor when it comes to farming and now weatger forecast are easily available on our smartphone just a click away
  5.  Weather Forecasting is crucial since it helps to determine future climate changes.

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