PUBG to re-launch in India as Battleground Mobile India

by mehekkaoberoi


  • India is the largest market for PUBG Mobile with over 175 million downloads, which accounts for about a quarter of the global downloads, according to SensorTower data
  • PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is the full form of PUBG
  • PUBG Mobile is the only mobile game that has telecasted its advertisement on Indian television
  • PUBG Mobile highest downloads come from India
  • Unfortunately last year due to the land dispute at border from china which lead to deaths of our Indian Soldiers triggered Indians against China and so one step taken by Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MeitY) was to Ban PUBG Mobile with other 117 apps that were chinese.


  • Why PUBG was banned? Because it was being handled by the chinese server Tencent and its not a chinese app it’s a Korean app
  • The Govt of India said the PUBG Mobile Application was engaged in activities that are prejudicial to sovereignty and integrity, defence and security of the country.
  • Basically in simple terms they said that the data was being transferred to outside of India, misuse of app for stealing users data in an unauthorized manner.
  • Some states already banned this app before this compete ban stating the reasons of Addiction and for the safety of our Young Generation
  • A similar game was launched which is made in Indai FAU-G to replace PUBG which was real bad compared to PUBG
  • PUBG tried to come back in indian market by changing their guidelines of Data and the handler from china to themselves but Govt ddin’t approved
  • This lead them to launch a whole new game just for India ie. Battleground Mobile India

Current Scenario:-

  • South Korean video game developer KRAFTON has announced that the India version of its popular game PUBG will be called Battlegrounds Mobile India.
  • Many Popular Streamers have already created hype about the game
  • This will be a fresh start to the game providing equal opportunities to every player to start from the scratch
  • Currently there are hardly any competition for this game as this game was the most downloaded game
  • This will gain attention of many advertisers to advertise their products via this game as its popular


  • This new game launching will increase the demands for Quality Smartphones which will make the gameplay smooth
  • The Bann on this App lead to the usage of other games
  • The Substitute products will get affected negatively as the Competition which is about to enter was once a monopoly product and that too favored by many
  • Kids getting addicted to it again is a negative impact
  • Many will earn in competitions
  • Many Streamers purchased a setup to stream and play the game but it was banned so it will benefit them too
  • This time PUBG has made changes to not getting banned again like keeping a time limit for minors and first to get permission from guardian by providing their  mobile no.
  • This time 7000 rs is amount per day a person can spend on PUBG which will lead to equality at some level

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