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Indian govt launches ‘Sanchar Saathi’ to help you find your lost phone  

Indian govt launches ‘Sanchar Saathi’ to help you find your lost phone  


  • India has experienced significant growth in mobile phone usage. As of 2021, India had over 1.17 billion mobile phone subscriptions, making it one of the largest mobile phone markets globally. The Indian government needs to consider an initiative to help people to find their lost phones. Here are a few possible reasons:
  • Financial impact: Smartphones are valuable and often expensive devices. When individuals lose their phones, it can lead to a financial burden for them. By locating lost phones, the government can help individuals recover their valuable assets, saving them from financial losses.
  • Citizen satisfaction and support: Launching a scheme to help find lost phones demonstrates that the government is proactive in addressing common issues citizens face. It can improve citizen satisfaction and contribute to a positive perception of the government’s responsiveness and commitment to public welfare.


  • Immobilise (United Kingdom): Immobilise is a national property register in the United Kingdom that allows individuals to register their belongings, including mobile phones. In case of loss or theft, registered items can be flagged as lost or stolen, making it easier for law enforcement agencies to identify and recover them.
  • TrackMateglobal (Japan): TrackMateglobal is a smartphone tracking system launched in Japan that enables users to locate lost or stolen phones. It utilises GPS, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth technology to provide accurate location information and allows users to lock and erase their devices remotely.
  • Mobile Device Register (Australia): The Australian government established the Mobile Device Register in collaboration with the telecommunications industry. It is a centralised database that allows individuals to report lost or stolen devices, making it easier for authorities to track and recover them.

Сurrent  Sсenаriо:-

  • The Department of Telecom launched a new portal named Sanchar Saathi which will help mobile phone users to block and track their lost or stolen mobile phones across India. 
  • The portal aims to provide various reforms and services related to mobile connections and telecommunications.
  • The portal allows mobile phone users to:
    • Check the connections registered on their names,
    • Report fraudulent or unrequired connections,
    • Block the mobile phones which are stolen/lost,
    • Check IMEI genuineness before buying a mobile phone,
  • The three reforms are being introduced as part of the portal’s framework:
    • CEIR (Central Equipment Identity Register): It enables the tracking and blocking of lost or stolen phones anywhere in the country.
    • Know your mobile connections: It allows users to check the number of mobile connections issued in their name by logging in using their mobile number. This feature helps identify unauthorised or unwanted connections that can be blocked immediately.
    • ASTR (Artificial Intelligence and Facial Recognition powered Solution for Telecom SIM Subscriber Verification): This AI-based technology facilitates mobile connection analysis and includes features such as IMEI-based phone theft information messaging to law enforcement agencies and the owner. It also enables blocking any number associated with a particular IMEI and tracking stolen mobile devices.
  • The portal and its reforms aim to enhance the telecom sector’s transparency, security, and accountability.


  •  Embracing technological advancements and offering services that utilise technology can showcase a government’s commitment to innovation and modernisation. A scheme to find lost phones can leverage GPS tracking or other advanced technologies, demonstrating the government’s utilisation of such tools for public benefit.

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